Austin Taco Tour


Who am I?

I am Licet Mijares, a Mexican-American sophomore at
Texas State University, majoring in advertising. For the next
couple of weeks I am going to be exploring the taco scene in
Austin, Texas. My parents are from Mexico, and have taken me to
Mexico every year. Where I witness the original taco on a daily
basis. Also, I have been living in Austin my entire life, and
have gone to almost every taco place. Who else to talk about
tacos in Austin if not me?

What am I writing about?

I have chosen to write about ten different taco places in Austin.
Tacos are everywhere, and have been altered from the original
meat and tortilla combination. I believe that there are lists
that have listed, ” The Best Tacos in Austin,” but that is not my
intention. I am going to give the pros and cons of every place, as well
as just writing about what is unique about every place. I will also be
mentioning the price for every place but I will not be ranking them.
I would also like to see how the Austin community has shaped the way
that tacos have been altered.

Who is this for?

I hope that anyone who wants to visit Austin can look at my blog
and it can help get them differentiate between different places and
what those different places have to offer. Even people who just want
to try some different kinds of tacos may benefit from reading my blog.
I will of course be including some places that make me feel that I am
back in my village in Mexico. In addition to authentic places, I would like to.                       try new places that put their own spin on tacos.Overall, I would like to                           explore the way the Austin community can be seen in tacos. Follow my journey live on my twitter.




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