How to Make a Taco

Step One

As stated above I will be giving you all step by step tutorial on how to make tacos in the comfort of your own home, just in case food trucks aren’t your thing. Step one, is to gather all you ingredients. Your ingredients are tortillas, meat, onions, cilantro, lime and salt. Now you can prepare you ingredients by dicing up your cilantro and onions into very small pieces.

Step Two

The next step, is cooking your meat. You can just buy meat that is already cooked and then just assemble your taco at home. Another options is actually cooking it. You can go to your local butcher shop or a Mexican store called , La Michocana or La Moreliana. These stores sell fresh meat that are especially marinated for making tacos. For this example I am going to be using alpastor that has already been marinated. You then need to warm up a large pan and then put the meat on there and just leave it. Come check on it every 2 minutes and stir it until cooked.

Step Three

Next, let’s cook the tortillas. You will need a comal or another very large pan. Let that heat up and then you can sprinkle some water one it and if it evaporates immediately then you can start putting tortillas on it. Leave the tortillas on there according to you liking, I like mine crispy so I was until the edges are a little brown and then I flip it over and repeat. Now that your tortillas are done don’t forget to wrap them up in aluminum foil to keep them warm while your meat is still cooking.

Step Four

Now it is time to assemble your taco. You first grab a plate then place the amount of tortillas that you want. You put them right next to each other like in the picture above. Next, you fill up the tortillas with meat. Now it is time for condiments. You are going to sprinkle some onions and cilantro to your liking. This next step is optional, but recommended, you can know drizzle some salsa for the finishing touch. You now have yourself a perfect, delicious, beautiful taco that is ready for you to enjoy.





Some tools that I found useful through out this experience was probably the online modules in which Dale would sometimes walk us through what to do. On the other hand, some tools that I didn’t find quite as effective was the example blog post. The example didn’t really seem like a real post but rather just and example. Something I would like to include on my site is probably places that aren’t from Austin or maybe stay in Austin and just try a variety of food. This experience overall gave me a lot of knowledge and some insights on how it feels to work with a deadline. Especially the fact that the website review would be due in the middle of the day on a Sunday. It made me prioritize and pan out my weekend so that I can get it done on time.


My most popular week was my first week. With nineteen views and nine visitors.That week I posted my Rosita’s Famous Tacos Alpastor That post was viewed nineteen times Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.44.09 AMand got three likes. I think that the Rosita’s fame helped my post get a lot of views. One thing that did surprise me was that I got two views from South Korea.  I don’t know anyone that is in South Korea, but I thought that was cool and surprising.


I think overall this was a great experience and I actually had fun exploring my city and eating tacos once a week. This assignment not only gave me knowledge and experience but also pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and allowed me to have a break once a week .


King’s Tacos

king tacos

King’s Tacos

For my final stop on my Austin Taco Tour I went to KIng’s Tacos. King’s Tacos was heavily recommended by many fo my friends and family and I now know why. King’s was very fresh and good and the tacos were filled to the rim with meat. The standard for tacos is that it is mostly cilantro and onion but not King’s. The overall atmosphere was great. This is my first stop where the food truck is actually in a food truck park. There were so many food trucks around. After you get a delicious taco from King’s you can walk a few feet and get some dessert or some barbecue from the neighboring food trucks.

What to Order

There is a great variety fo Mexican food to choose from and even meats for your taco. There was beef, chicken, barbacoa, pastor, and tripas to choose from. I got one of each and I would recommend the Pastor and beef taco though they were all delicious. Was surprised me was the variety of drinks that they had to offer.There were over ten drink img_8498.jpgto choose from but I would recommend any of the fruity flavors of Fanta or Jarritos. As I mentioned before the tacos are filled to the rim and so I would order two and then get another one after you finish those, because when tacos are filled like they are at King’s they are filling.


Overall Review

My overall experience was a good one. The tacos were very big and were sold for $2.50, which is the standard and is the same price for tacos that were much smaller. They play bachata or other types of Mexican music in the background and it creates a nice fun atmosphere. Their menu is extensive, and you can see it in detail here . The only down fall is that King’s closes at 2p.m. despite that I am already planning to return and try the other items that are on the menu.


Barbacoa Tacos Santa Rosa


Barbacoa Tacos Santa Rosa

Barbacoa Tacos Santa Rosa, specialize in barbacoa tacos.  Barbacoa is meat that is cooked over open fire until the meat is very tender. The meat is left with most of the fat form the animal. The high fat content makes the meat full of varying flavors and once you add cilantro and onion it just adds to the array of flavoring. Santa Rosa’s is located in the  flea market on 812. The fee market just enhances to great tacos with adding a great experience.

What to order?fullsizeoutput_60c.jpeg

Well, I would personally order, and recommend, ordering a full order with everything on it. Of course, I would also pair it with a Mexican Coke. Since, Santa Rosa’s is located in  a flea market, you also have many other options to choose from. I would also get a fruit cup from the merchants that walk around with their ice chest. I can also recommend visiting any of the three posts that sell authentic Mexican candy.

Overall review

I overall would recommend visiting, Barbacoa Tacos Santa Rosa. The great barbacoa tacos with the fun experience of venturing out and walking around the flea market afterwards is too good to pass up. The cheap price of $1.25 per tacos is also unbelievable. I got three tacos and a glass bottled coke for no more than six dollars. Flea markets are great places to go when you want anything authentic Mexican: tacos, candy, clothes, animals. By getting Santa Rosa’s tacos you get amazing tacos and you also get exposed to fun place full with authenticity.





This week’s stop on my Austin taco tour I visited Torchy’s. Torchy’s is a chain restaurant started by Mike Rypka, right here in Austin, Texas. Torchy’s is a restaurant serving primarily tacos, but it is not just another taco truck. Rypka quit his job as an executive chef to make his ideas on how to alter the traditional taco into  reality. Torchy’s takes the base of a taco and completely flips it upside down, but while still making it recognizable as a taco. Rypka combines flavors that no one would combine together, let alone on a tortilla.IMG_8417

What to Order

My favorite go-to taco that I always get is, The Tipsy Chick taco. The tipsy chick taco includes grilled chicken, grilled corn, grilled green peppers, spinach and marmalade all on a flour tortilla. The unique combination of corn and spinach on a taco not only works well together, but make for a great tasting taco. For a safer option, especially if it is your first time at Torchy’s I would recommend the beef fajita taco. The beef fajita taco is a flour tortilla with beef fajita, cheese, pico de gallo, peppers and grilled onions. Another thing to add to your order is a soft drink, they have a great selection of Mexican soda. The Mexican coke they have available actually tastes like it came in a glass bottle straight from Mexico. Also adding their guacamole queso with chips wouldn’t hurt, especially to snack on while waiting for your tacos.


Overall Review

Torchy’s provides you with a unique twist on a taco, the only downside, if any, is the price. While the other restaurants on my tour have ranged form one to three dollars a taco, ordering two tacos and a soft drink is going to cost you fifteen dollars. While the other places are cheaper, Torchy’s give you your money’s worth by providing you with a unique taco made with great quality ingredients.


Las Trancas Tacos

fullsizeoutput_58eLas Trancas Tacos

I specifically wanted to go La Trancas because they do have authentic tacos but it is just a different version of the original taco. All the other tacos I have included in my tour had corn tortillas that they just cooked but Las Trancas actually puts the tortillas in oil. Putting tortillas is also a traditional method it just depends on what part of Mexico you’re from. Las Trancas is owned by a man named Alberto or “Beto,” as some of his workers call him. He barely opened this restaurant maybe four to five years ago. He worked at a Chinese restaurant in order to save up to open this food truck. I feel that Alberto’s story can be very inspiring to many people that are trying to accomplish something that seems out of reach.

What to order?

I personally ordered one taco of tripas, or intestines, one taco of asada, or bar-b-que and two of alpastor that we discussed in my second blog and of course I paired my tacos with some soda from Mexico. Four tacos and a Mexican bottled soda was ten dollars all together. That is pretty much the average for tacos around Austin especially if they are downtown.  I must warn those who have not had tripas, they are intestines and sometimes they still do have the shape of intestines and I know that may bother some people.










Overall Review

Las Trancas gives you a nice altered traditional taco. Still has the components of the traditional taco but just form a different region of Mexico. The atmosphere is great too. Las Trancas is located in a neighborhood in downtown Austin, just 5 minutes from the capital. You can cruise Austin and get to Las Trancas on your electric scooter. How much more Austin can you get. The tables are also great so that groups ranging from small to big can all come and enjoy tacos together.

Review of “Food Review: Wakkis Restaurant, Abuja”

Food Review: Wakkis Restaurant, Abuja 

by The Red Confidential has greatly inspired me. I really like the way that their site is set up. This site is not exactly like mine, but it has inspired me.

Visual Inspiration

I was inspired to add more photos to my future blogs. I personally enjoyed looking through all the food pics that The Red Confidential incorporated into their blogs. While

there is a paragraph then a picture then a paragraph

looking through the pictures I though of all the pictures that I took while visiting the
previous taco restaurants and how they’re being wasted, I could have been using them to make my blog look more lively. I will also like to incorporate how the pictures are used as a sort of break . I already try to break my paragraphs up by having headers but I would like to incorporate pictures now.

Content Inspiration

The Content that The Red Confidential provided on the restaurant they reviewed let me know everything I wanted to know, plus more that I didn’t know I needed to know. I aim to have the same affect on people. Content wise we are pretty similar we talk about the food, experience and price. I did learn about some new and fresh ways to talk about food rather then the same old,, ” yeah the food was good,” but I am actually inspired to deeply review the food and to try to find more of a connection to it.