Las Trancas Tacos

fullsizeoutput_58eLas Trancas Tacos

I specifically wanted to go La Trancas because they do have authentic tacos but it is just a different version of the original taco. All the other tacos I have included in my tour had corn tortillas that they just cooked but Las Trancas actually puts the tortillas in oil. Putting tortillas is also a traditional method it just depends on what part of Mexico you’re from. Las Trancas is owned by a man named Alberto or “Beto,” as some of his workers call him. He barely opened this restaurant maybe four to five years ago. He worked at a Chinese restaurant in order to save up to open this food truck. I feel that Alberto’s story can be very inspiring to many people that are trying to accomplish something that seems out of reach.

What to order?

I personally ordered one taco of tripas, or intestines, one taco of asada, or bar-b-que and two of alpastor that we discussed in my second blog and of course I paired my tacos with some soda from Mexico. Four tacos and a Mexican bottled soda was ten dollars all together. That is pretty much the average for tacos around Austin especially if they are downtown.  I must warn those who have not had tripas, they are intestines and sometimes they still do have the shape of intestines and I know that may bother some people.










Overall Review

Las Trancas gives you a nice altered traditional taco. Still has the components of the traditional taco but just form a different region of Mexico. The atmosphere is great too. Las Trancas is located in a neighborhood in downtown Austin, just 5 minutes from the capital. You can cruise Austin and get to Las Trancas on your electric scooter. How much more Austin can you get. The tables are also great so that groups ranging from small to big can all come and enjoy tacos together.


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