This week’s stop on my Austin taco tour I visited Torchy’s. Torchy’s is a chain restaurant started by Mike Rypka, right here in Austin, Texas. Torchy’s is a restaurant serving primarily tacos, but it is not just another taco truck. Rypka quit his job as an executive chef to make his ideas on how to alter the traditional taco into ย reality. Torchy’s takes the base of a taco and completely flips it upside down, but while still making it recognizable as a taco. Rypka combines flavors that no one would combine together, let alone on a tortilla.IMG_8417

What to Order

My favorite go-to taco that I always get is, The Tipsy Chick taco. The tipsy chick taco includes grilled chicken, grilled corn, grilled green peppers, spinach and marmalade all on a flour tortilla. The unique combination of corn and spinach on a taco not only works well together, but make for a great tasting taco. For a safer option, especially if it is your first time at Torchy’s I would recommend the beef fajita taco. The beef fajita taco is a flour tortilla with beef fajita, cheese, pico de gallo, peppers and grilled onions. Another thing to add to your order is a soft drink, they have a great selection of Mexican soda. The Mexican coke they have available actually tastes like it came in a glass bottle straight from Mexico. Also adding their guacamole queso with chips wouldn’t hurt, especially to snack on while waiting for your tacos.


Overall Review

Torchy’s provides you with a unique twist on a taco, the only downside, if any, is the price. While the other restaurants on my tour have ranged form one to three dollars a taco, ordering two tacos and a soft drink is going to cost you fifteen dollars. While the other places are cheaper, Torchy’s give you your money’s worth by providing you with a unique taco made with great quality ingredients.



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