Barbacoa Tacos Santa Rosa


Barbacoa Tacos Santa Rosa

Barbacoa Tacos Santa Rosa, specialize in barbacoa tacos.  Barbacoa is meat that is cooked over open fire until the meat is very tender. The meat is left with most of the fat form the animal. The high fat content makes the meat full of varying flavors and once you add cilantro and onion it just adds to the array of flavoring. Santa Rosa’s is located in the  flea market on 812. The fee market just enhances to great tacos with adding a great experience.

What to order?fullsizeoutput_60c.jpeg

Well, I would personally order, and recommend, ordering a full order with everything on it. Of course, I would also pair it with a Mexican Coke. Since, Santa Rosa’s is located in  a flea market, you also have many other options to choose from. I would also get a fruit cup from the merchants that walk around with their ice chest. I can also recommend visiting any of the three posts that sell authentic Mexican candy.

Overall review

I overall would recommend visiting, Barbacoa Tacos Santa Rosa. The great barbacoa tacos with the fun experience of venturing out and walking around the flea market afterwards is too good to pass up. The cheap price of $1.25 per tacos is also unbelievable. I got three tacos and a glass bottled coke for no more than six dollars. Flea markets are great places to go when you want anything authentic Mexican: tacos, candy, clothes, animals. By getting Santa Rosa’s tacos you get amazing tacos and you also get exposed to fun place full with authenticity.




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