King’s Tacos

king tacos

King’s Tacos

For my final stop on my Austin Taco Tour I went to KIng’s Tacos. King’s Tacos was heavily recommended by many fo my friends and family and I now know why. King’s was very fresh and good and the tacos were filled to the rim with meat. The standard for tacos is that it is mostly cilantro and onion but not King’s. The overall atmosphere was great. This is my first stop where the food truck is actually in a food truck park. There were so many food trucks around. After you get a delicious taco from King’s you can walk a few feet and get some dessert or some barbecue from the neighboring food trucks.

What to Order

There is a great variety fo Mexican food to choose from and even meats for your taco. There was beef, chicken, barbacoa, pastor, and tripas to choose from. I got one of each and I would recommend the Pastor and beef taco though they were all delicious. Was surprised me was the variety of drinks that they had to offer.There were over ten drink img_8498.jpgto choose from but I would recommend any of the fruity flavors of Fanta or Jarritos. As I mentioned before the tacos are filled to the rim and so I would order two and then get another one after you finish those, because when tacos are filled like they are at King’s they are filling.


Overall Review

My overall experience was a good one. The tacos were very big and were sold for $2.50, which is the standard and is the same price for tacos that were much smaller. They play bachata or other types of Mexican music in the background and it creates a nice fun atmosphere. Their menu is extensive, and you can see it in detail here . The only down fall is that King’s closes at 2p.m. despite that I am already planning to return and try the other items that are on the menu.



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