Review of “Food Review: Wakkis Restaurant, Abuja”

Food Review: Wakkis Restaurant, Abuja 

by The Red Confidential has greatly inspired me. I really like the way that their site is set up. This site is not exactly like mine, but it has inspired me.

Visual Inspiration

I was inspired to add more photos to my future blogs. I personally enjoyed looking through all the food pics that The Red Confidential incorporated into their blogs. While

there is a paragraph then a picture then a paragraph

looking through the pictures I though of all the pictures that I took while visiting the
previous taco restaurants and how they’re being wasted, I could have been using them to make my blog look more lively. I will also like to incorporate how the pictures are used as a sort of break . I already try to break my paragraphs up by having headers but I would like to incorporate pictures now.

Content Inspiration

The Content that The Red Confidential provided on the restaurant they reviewed let me know everything I wanted to know, plus more that I didn’t know I needed to know. I aim to have the same affect on people. Content wise we are pretty similar we talk about the food, experience and price. I did learn about some new and fresh ways to talk about food rather then the same old,, ” yeah the food was good,” but I am actually inspired to deeply review the food and to try to find more of a connection to it.


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