El Paisa Tacos


El paisa

This time around I visited El Paisa tacos. When I asked my friends and family what places to make sure to include most people brought up El Paisa. What I found interesting was the actual name, El Paisa. The term Paisa itself is a shortened version of Paisano and the direct translation is countryman. Although it translates as country man most people either use paisa as a derogatory word or as slang for a “bro”. I personally thought it was funny and clever to have this name, to me it shows just how in touch the owner is with their Mexican side. Another thing I found interesting was the location, South Congress avenue. South Congress is a very trendy street on the outskirts of downtown Austin. The exact location of the food truck is right in between the new trendy side of south congress and the more rundown part. I feel that a lot of people who are from Austin can relate when I say that a lot of parts of town are being transformed to meet the needs of all the “hipsters” moving in. That being said, that explains why they charge three dollars a taco, because they can. There are boutiques on the same street charging hundred dollars for a tee-shirt.

What to order?

The tacos are three dollars, but I would honestly pay five if they asked me to. The truck doesn’t open until 6p.m., although I would not go until at least 7:30p.m., the reason being because the meat hits the grill right at 6p.m.. I ordered the bistek, which is sliced steak and I also got Al pastor, which we discussed last week was marinated roasted meat. I love visiting different places because everyone has their own way of delivering these traditional tacos. I would also recommend the hamburgers with pineapple, yes with pineapple. The sweetness of the pineapple just adds something you didn’t know you needed to the burger. The only thing is that the owner only makes the burger on days she wants to, perk of owning your own business, so keep that in mind.

Overall Review

El paisa was a great experience, I loved talking to the owner and smelling the meat as it was being cooked right in front of me. I also love the fact that I an drive about five


minutes and go to South Congress and get a cupcake form Hey Cupcake! or I can drive a little down the road and I can see some more authentic Mexican restaurants.



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