Rosita’s Famous Tacos Alpastor


This week I visited Rosita’s famous Tacos Alpastor, these are somewhat iconic in the Austin area and are better known as “Riverside Tacos,” due to the food truck being located on riverside drive. Rosita’s is known for their alpastor tacos, which is meat that has been marinated for hours and is later roasted while on a stick. The meat is later carved off and served on a tortilla, here is a video so that you can better understand the process. Rosita’s has been family owned and located in Austin since 1985.

What to order?

IMG_8173When you go to Rosita’s it is a known fact that, although their whole menu is great, you have to get the alpastor tacos. Also you’re only hurting yourself if you don’t order an Agua Fresca or a Mexican coke. To add to the order make sure to order it, “Con todo,” or with everything, which will include cilantro and onions. Once you get your tacos, which come in a convenient plastic bag, you can either take it to go or sit in one of their six tables. Beware the salsa is not here to play , it is very spicy,so add salsa at your own risk. You now have the perfect meal that consist of alpastor tacos and the drink of your choice.

Overall Review

Rosita’s Famous Tacos Alpastor, has great authentic alpastor tacos and also has a great environment. While visiting Rosita’s I couldn’t help but notice that I found groups of friends, families, construction workers and elderly couples eating there. The tacos are $1.75 each, so it is affordable for anyone to come and eat.  It can also be a great place to eat after you go to a concert or hit the bars on 6th street, as it is only a six minute drive from downtown Austin and a two minute walk from the concert venue Emo’s.  Also it is important to note that although google says Rosita’s closes at 5 pm it does not. On weekdays it closes at 1a.m. and on weekends it closes at 3 a.m.. Therefore, don’t fear,after the bars close at 2 a.m. Rosita’s will still be open waiting for you with a great taco.




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