About Tacos

There is usually an about me page for blog posts, I decided to take it in a different direction. I am going to be introducing what I am writing about, tacos. This is going to be an about tacos page.

A traditional taco start off with a corn tortilla. Tortillas are traditionally made withimg_8444.jpg grounded up corn kernels. The flour like substance that you get from grinding the kernels is called maize. A tortillas has been a staple for Mexican culture for centuries. The tortilla is still heavily used in today’s culture, even I eat at least one tortilla a day.


The next part of a taco is the filling. On my tour through Austin’s tacos I have tried a lot of different kinds of meat. One of my favorites is al pastor that I discuss in my visit to Rosita’s famous tacos alpastor post . ย An interesting filling I fullsizeoutput_60b.jpegactually find delicious are the other parts of meat that people traditionally just used so that they weren’t wasting anything. I am talking about the intestines, tongue, cheek and other meats. Tacos don’t have to have meat as the filling sometimes they are filled with beans and today there are even tacos filled with spaghetti, making spaghetti tacos.

The final part of taco are the condiments or the toppings. Most tacos you get from a food truck or a traditional taco place will be the tortilla, meat topped with cilantro and diced onion, with a slice of lemon on the side and a little salsa also must be included. The taco could have been fine with just the meat and the tortilla but the minty flavor of the cilantro and the crunch of the onion does make the already great taco, even better.

All these components make tacos a very popular dish in Texas, and all around America. Everyone knows what tacos are, and most love them. Tacos are a huge part of Mexican culture and it is slowly becoming a significant part of Texas culture as well.